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Our app is the ultimate play to earn money app. With our app you can discover a world of thrilling games and unlock the potential to earn substantial income while having a blast. Earn rewards and cash out real money by playing games that you love and completing tasks


Astra coins

Astra coin is a virtual token built to use in a multi-infrastructure supported ecosystem. Astra coins can be withdrawn as actual cash.

Getting started – Your astra flow

Setting up your account



Download the app

alpha is available on the Play Store for Android users. Simply open the store, search for alpha, and install it on your device.


Register or log in to out app

Register to the app by logging in with your preferred social provider – Google or Facebook. Once your login is successful, the app will quickly create your wallet for you.

Please keep in mind that your login method acts as a unique signature for your wallet. It’s essential to remember and not forget it. If you have previously registered for the app through a supported game, you can simply sign in using the same email address and social method you used initially.

Managing and earning rewards



Earn astra coins for free

Complete simple tasks to earn astra coins. To get started is simple:
a. Enter the Play tab to explore the list of games.
b. Choose a game.
c. Follow the instructions to complete the task.
d. Claim your reward.


Check task progress

Every time you start a new task, you’ll see its progress within the In progress tab within the Play tab. Here you can keep track of all of your tasks that are in progress and view the tasks you completed. If some of your tasks are missing, you will be able to see your tasks within the profile page.


See your activity history

alpha keeps a record of your activity, which you can view on the Activity tab. Any action you perform or are involved in will be recorded here, including rewards, astra coin transactions, and verification status.


Withdraw astra coins

You can cash out astra coins you’ve earned from rewards for real money via PayPal.

Go to the Profile page. Click on the Withdraw button, insert your desired payout amount, and click continue. Select how you’d like to receive the funds then approve to initiate the withdrawal. Please note it may take some time to process the request.

Having problems? Let us help



Problems logging into an account

Signing into the app requires a social login through Google, Facebook or Apple. If you have issues logging in through the social login, make sure your account setup is correct. For any issues, contact the social login service provider.


Logged into the app, but can’t see coins

Try logging in with a different email or social platform. Please make sure you’re connected to the right account using your original registration method and email.


Missing reward after finishing a task

In order to claim your rewards please do the following:

1. Open the app (be sure to use the same device)
2. Go to the offerwall
3. Click the three menu lines in the top left corner
4. Tap on the “Reward Status” option on the left and you will see 3 headings: Ongoing, Rewarded and Expired. Tap on each till you see the offer you took part in listed.
5. Click on the offer you are missing rewards for and click the red “Request Support” button
6. For users submitting a ticket for an offer with multiple tasks/levels, select the task or level you are missing rewards for.
7. Please complete the form. Use a working email address as it will be validated in the process of providing support.
8 .Once submitted you’ll get an email notification with your case number, following validation of your email (if needed).


Unable to withdraw astra coins

There are some prerequisites to withdraw astra coins to real cash. First, make sure that your astra coins are available to withdraw. Only astra coins you received from rewards or claims will be available to withdraw.

Please note, a withdrawal can take a few business days to process. You can check the payout status in the Activity tab.


Why haven’t I received my payout yet?

While we strive to process payments within a day, it can take several days for the payment process to complete. Please allow up to 5-10 business days for the funds to appear in your PayPal account. Delays are mostly on weekends/holidays. To check the status of your withdrawal, please refer to the app’s activity tab or check your email inbox for any notifications of failed transactions.

Please ensure that your PayPal identity details, such as your name and residence address, match your account information. If there are any discrepancies, please update your details to ensure a successful withdrawal. On a side note, your paypal email can be different from your app account.


Why is the app not tracking my progress?

Please note that if an offer is in status called “Not Yet Installed” on your In Progress page, it means that either you have not installed and opened the app yet or that the advertiser has not reported to us that you successfully installed the app for the FIRST time on your device, from our offer-wall link.

In such cases, it is recommended that you DO NOT proceed with this offer until the offer status is changed to installed, as you will not be eligible for the rewards.


Why is my identity verification process taking so long?

Your identity verification process might be in manual review. Please note that the identity verification process can take several days to complete, depending if more actions are needed.

Tilia, the company responsible for identity verification, should have sent you an email regarding the status of your application with instructions to approve.


Why is my account on hold?

Users who have been blocked from the app by our fraud prevention system will receive an error message informing them that their account has been placed on hold for potentially fraudulent activity.

Please review our Terms of Use, which describes all activity prohibited by our app, as well as any follow-up actions you can take if your account is flagged by our system.

TILIA – App’s Payment Service



What is Tilia?

Tilia is the company in charge of the identity check and payment process. Tilia converts in-game tokens into real money in a highly regulated and secured way. Tilia is licensed to work in all required US states and territories.


What is a KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a verification process used by financial institutions and service providers to confirm customers’ identities. It involves collecting and validating personal information and documents to comply with regulations, prevent fraud, and ensure secure transactions. KYC is essential for legal compliance, security, trust-building, and accessing financial services.


What happens if my KYC is not instant?

Most likely you’re in manual review. The verification process can take several days to complete depending on what actions are needed. Tilia may have sent you an email regarding the status of your application and the instructions on how to approve it. Please check your email and spam folder for any updates from Tilia.


How do I contact Tilia?

You can reach their customer service team by email at Alternatively, you can submit a ticket to Tilia’s support team by following this link:

Need extra help?



General Topics

1. Why am I seeing low reward amounts on the Offerwall?

The amount of coins offered on the offerwall in the app is determined by the advertisers and can change from time to time. This means that the amount of coins that you may receive for completing a task may vary.

2. Changing Email

Unfortunately at this time we’re not able to change your account email address. The reason being that this app involves real money, and as per our security policies, we cannot transfer your progress or balance to a new email address. However, please note that you can continue using your current account and associated email address without any issues. Matching your PayPal account email to your account email is not a requirement, as long as the details such as name and residence are matched.

3. Switching devices

If you log in with the same email address, your Astra coins balance will remain the same and the account will be present on your new device. However, if you have changed your device, your progress in the games may not have been transferred.

4. Delete Account

In order to fulfill your request to delete your account, we kindly ask that you provide us with the email address associated with your account and your device ID, to allow us to authenticate your request.

To retrieve your device ID, please follow these steps: 1. If you are an Android user, you may retrieve your Advertising Identifier under Settings > Ads.


Payout Topics

1. Why can’t I insert an amount on the withdrawal page?

If the accessibility zoom is too large, it can hurt the UI and you can’t click on the withdraw button. You need to reduce the zoom and try again.

2. How can I cancel a withdrawal?

Unfortunately, once a withdrawal request has been initiated, it cannot be canceled.

This is due to security and regulatory reasons to prevent any unauthorized access to your account and ensure that all transactions are processed correctly.

3. Can I use another method besides PayPal?

At the moment, the only withdrawal option available on our app is PayPal. We understand that you would prefer to use other providers for your payments, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, please be assured that we are constantly working to improve our platform and expand our payment options, and we will certainly take your suggestion into consideration.


PayPal Topics

1. How can I change my PayPal account?

To change your PayPal account for withdrawals, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the withdrawal flow.

2. After clicking “Continue”, you will be given the option to select your existing PayPal account or link a new one.

3. If you link a new account, follow the instructions provided to add your new PayPal email.

Please note that in order to cash out, your PayPal details such as name and address must match your app identity. However, your PayPal email can be different from your app account and is not relevant for the legal check.

2. Why are you asking for a credit card when creating a new PayPal account?

As part of our PayPal procedure, in order to create an account, PayPal needs to verify your identity and link a funding source to your account according to their account registration.

We would like to assure you that no charges will be taken from your card as we only require it for verification purposes. Your funds will be credited to your PayPal account once your transaction has been completed.

If you failed to connect your credit card in the app, you can do it on PayPal website and only connect your account inside the app

3. What’s the best way to get a PayPal account?

We recommend creating a PayPal account directly on the official PayPal website if you haven’t already done so. Once your account is created and verified on PayPal’s platform, you can then link it to our app.

Please note that some credit card providers have limited the creation of new PayPal accounts to their official platform. By creating an account on PayPal’s website, you can ensure that all necessary steps and requirements are met to link your PayPal account successfully.

4. What if my PayPal email doesn’t match my app account email?

Please note that the email address is not relevant to the PayPal account check, and you can use different emails as long as the name of the owner and address for both accounts are the same.

However, we have a solution that you can consider.

  • The first one is to create a new PayPal account that matches your app account name. You can do it very easily in the app or on the PayPal website. If you are having problems with connecting a credit card to the new account, do it on the PayPal website.
  • The second one is to change your app identity through Tilia, the company responsible for identity verification. Please note this can only be done for a legally verifiable name change, with official proper documentation verifying the name change. You can reach their customer service team by email at Alternatively, you can submit a ticket to Tilia’s support team by following this link:

Rewards & Installs Topics

1. I’m having trouble opening the offerwall, what do I do?

We suggest that you try waiting for a couple of seconds after opening the app before attempting to access the Play tab page. This will give the app time to load all the necessary data.

If the issue persists, we recommend restarting the app or uninstalling and updating to the latest version of the app. Sometimes, outdated versions of the app can cause issues when accessing certain features.


Identity Verification Topics

1. Where can I submit the identity verification process?

You can submit a verification from the Profile page.

Profile Page > Verify my identity

2. Why do I need to verify my identity?

This process is required by regional rules to ensure money safety.

Once your identity verification is approved, you will not be required to do this process again.

3. What if I used the wrong ID during the verification process?

To resolve this issue, you need to contact Tilia. You can reach their customer service team by email at

4. Why do I need to give Tilia my SSN?

We want to assure you that this sensitive information is treated private and confidential.

We utilize Tilia as our approved identity and payment service. Tilia is a licensed service that adheres to strict data protection standards. You can verify Tilia’s licensing information and credentials by visiting their website at


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